Ahh. Summer is officially upon us, so road trip season is officially here. Nothing stands between you and the open road now that school is out and homework isn’t a worry until next school year.

Until you start hearing the dreaded phrases from the backseat like “I’m bored” or “My iPod won’t work without WiFi.”

That’s where vehicles equipped with WiFi become your best friend. Keeping tabs on screen time in a typical setting is important, you certainly don’t want your kiddos turning into zombies with endless time in front of a screen. However, a road trip is an entirely different story. In our book, if you can keep everyone (relatively) happy, then we consider that a win!

What you need to know about Chevrolet Vehicles that are equipped with WiFi:

We know WiFi can be your best friend when keeping everyone in the car entertained, from the kiddos and their games to the teens who have to stay connected on every social channel known to man. So, what are some of the “need to know” facts about Chevy’s Wifi?

  • There is a required data plan in order to use the 4G LTE, this plan is provided by AT&T.
  • Up to 7 devices can be connected to the WiFi.
  • Pricing starts at $5 per month for 200MB of 4G LTE for OnStar subscribers. New car owners with OnStar 4G LTE hardware get a free trial of 4G LTE service for three months or 3GB of data use, whichever comes first.

The following Chevrolet Models offer the WiFi option:

No matter where your travels may take you this Summer, having the option for WiFi in your vehicle while you travel might just be the sanity saving piece that you need to make your next road trip just a little more enjoyable.

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WiFi and the family road trip a game changer