What traits influence women car buyersWhen female car shoppers set out to make a purchase decision on a new car, the price of the car is not the most influential factor in making a decision. Until just recently, female car shoppers valued trustworthiness in their salesman above all else. Now, Women-Drivers.com reports that the most important attribute for women when purchasing a car is respect on the part of their sales staff.

After compiling reviews from women car buyers, Women-Drivers.com came up with a list of five attributes of the salesperson that are most influential for car shopping women when making a buying decision. In order of importance, women are more positively influenced when their sales staff is:

1. Respectful
2. Trustworthy
3. Likeable
4. Knowledgeable
5. Understanding

In terms of influence when buying a car, price of the vehicle actually ranked below the character influences. That data doesn’t mean that price is not important because it is a critical component. What it does mean is that women will evaluate their car sales person on a personal level and if they pass the female litmus test, then and only then will there be further discussion regarding the price of the vehicle.

“Having a personal, empathic, real, approachable, open and friendly engagement is paramount first,” Women-Drivers concluded.

At Bachman Chevrolet, we value these attributes and strive to treat all of our customers with respect during the car shopping process. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, click here and let us know how we can help. It’s okay with us if you need to “kick our tires” a little bit in the beginning. We are here to serve you.