mylink-intouch-masthead-1280x551Your link to the outside world is at your fingertips with MyLink, Chevrolet’s integrated technology system that allows you to access all of your favorite features and apps with a simple command.

Comfortably positioned within reach of the driver’s seat, a customizable diagonal color touch screen dramatically displays available navigation, phone calls, radio features, and music playlists. Text messages can be read back to you and a predetermined message can be replied back. Mobile apps can be streamed from your smartphone or device using Bluetooth wireless technology. Chevrolet MyLink can also access your contact list, music playlists, or mobile apps on the touchscreen while your smartphone is safely stowed away. Here’s how it works.

Stay Connected

Because life doesn’t stop on the road, Chevrolet MyLink provides a centralized control center that you can customize with your personal preferences and enjoy complete access to available navigation, entertainment, contacts, apps, and other features with ease. More than 140 channels can be accessed commercial-free with SiriusXM Satellite Radio which is standard for three months. You don’t have to lose contact with the outside world or put music appreciation on hold. With MyLink, all of your favorite technology is organized and integrated right before your eyes.

Smart and Simple

Pairing your smartphone with Chevrolet MyLink is simple. With an easy-to-use USB port, you can connect your device right to the MyLink system so you can access playlists, music files, contacts and more. Music can be streamed directly via Bluetooth. Access your favorite apps and listen to your favorite artists by streaming your customized music from Pandora and Internet Radio stations.

Stay Focused

Chevrolet is the first vehicle manufacturer to offer Siri Eyes Free to compatible iPhone users. Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Siri will do the rest. Limited hands-free interaction allows you to compose important messages on the go, so that driving your Chevrolet can remain your main focus. Texting and driving is safely possible with the voice system, so you don’t get distracted with texts on the road.

Control your communication choices. With MyLink, your hands-free, eyes-on-the-road, voice-activated communication system allows you to navigate your communication preferences with the simple touch of the screen, no navigating complicate menus or fumbling for an obscure contact. MyLink makes communication and connectivity easy and safe to navigate. Chevrolet’s MyLink is your link to flawless communication on the road.

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