Top Tech Toys for chevrolet drivers

While vehicles today include a plethora of touch-screen features, videos, photo displays and GPS options, they are still lacking some of the simple cool-factor options that you can find in standalone devices or mobile apps. Just to be sure you’re not missing anything, we’ve pulled together the top 3 coolest tech toys for your car, truck or SUV–things that not only are fun, but that also can help you get where you’re going safely and quickly. 

Virtual Assistance from Siri, Cortana and Google

Staying safe on the road means paying attention to the cues from other drivers. Virtual assistance comes in the form of Siri for iPhone users, Cortana for Windows device owners (or anyone who downloads the app), and “Ok Google”–the amorphous digital assistant for Android device enthusiasts. 

With the virtual assistants as your copilots, you can easily and safely check-in for last minute items before heading into the grocery store, or quickly reroute your destination. “Hey Siri” gets the conversation started. Follow with commands such as “call mom” or “read my text messages.” Simply turn on voice activation and connect your phone to your charger.

Chevrolet OnStar

From automatic crash response to roadside assistance, Chevrolet’s OnStar will help keep you safe and connected when you’re on the road. 

Chevy’s OnStar program offers…

  • Assistance in the event of an emergency with Automatic Crash Response, Emergency Services, Crisis Assist, and Roadside Assistance.
  • Security perks with Stolen Vehicle Assistance, including Remote Ignition Block, Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, and Theft Alarm Notification.
  • Navigation assistance with Turn-By-Turn Navigation and AtYourService.
  • Reliable connection with 4G LTE2 and Wi-Fi hotspot and Hands-Free Calling.
  • An easy way to manage, maintain and locate your vehicle with Advanced Diagnostics, OnStar Smart Driver, Remote Access and Location Manager.

OnStar includes truly hands-free turn-by-turn navigation, advanced vehicle diagnostics, and even offers you a remote ignition block and several ways to help you recover your vehicle in case of theft.

Chevrolet MyLink

Take control of your vehicle’s technology with Chevrolet’s MyLink, part of the integrated infotainment system for newer model vehicles. Control a wide array of voice-activated services such as Pandora Radio through a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. MyLink really shines through its full integration with other assistance technologies such as OnStar. Advanced music identification, and hands-free control of your vehicle’s climate controls really make MyLink an extension of your car, truck or SUV’s overall operating system. 

If you need help connecting your device to your Chevrolet’s bluetooth, check out our YouTube channel for quick tutorials on various models.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tech toys available that will help you stay safe on the road. We hope that this short list gives you some ideas, and that it will get you there and back again safely!  Contact Bachman Chevrolet today to schedule an appointment with a sales representative and get a quote online. Have other questions about Chevy? Ask us in the comments below.