shareWe all know that guy. The one who drives up quickly and tailgates you for 20 seconds, then whips around you while endangering everyone else on the road. It’s that guy who makes you wish you were undercover law enforcement. Don’t be that guy.

Road rage and reckless driving cause thousands of accidents every year. Frustrations are imminent on the roads, whether it’s due to traffic, upsetting life circumstances, or running late, but dangerous behavior doesn’t have to be. Since Basic Driving Etiquette isn’t a regular class, we’ve put together a few tips on keeping your cool and minding your manners on the roadways.


Bachman Chevrolet is a big cheerleader for remaining safe on the roads. Driving defensively allows you to counteract the aggressive nature of other drivers, while remaining safe and in control of your vehicle. Following these tips and abiding by the laws of your state, could decrease roadway fatalities and possibly calm the nerves of others.

Here are some other tips for safe driving and proper driving etiquette:

  1. Wrangle the Road Rage. If you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed or frustrated on the road, it’s best to pull over and cool off. The senseless emotions incited by road rage cause accidents and deaths each year. When others feel intimidated by another driver’s actions, things can become tense on the road, which causes drivers to have nervous reactions, so take it easy when you are frustrated.
  2. Be Considerate. Think about if the drivers around you were members of your family. Would you slow down and have more patience with others? Consider the driving experience, moods and general wellbeing of others. Don’t make other drivers feel intimidated by your actions or aggressive behavior. If your lane is not proceeding as it should, simply move into the next lane and keep on truckin’.
  3. Move Over! When you are next to a merge lane, move over! Hanging around in the merge lane can cause bottle-necking of the roads and create massive safety hazards. If a vehicle is merging into your lane, move one lane over to give them space. If you cannot safely switch lanes, try to allow as much space as possible for the vehicle to safely find a spot in your lane. Don’t forget to use your blinker!
  4. NASCAR Driving. The left lane is for those who are in a little more of a hurry, so try not to hang out in the left lane too much. The left lane should only be used for passing another vehicle, then, you should move back into another lane. Slowing down the left lane creates a ripple effect and bottle-necks the whole operation. If you’re a slower driver, simply move to a slower lane to let Speedy Gonzales go on his merry way.
  5. Tailgating is for Football Games Only. Riding close to another’s bumper is viewed as an aggressive behavior, not to mention dangerous. Tailgating creates nervousness and significantly reduces reaction time, making it increasingly difficult to safely pass when the other is staying put. Always allow enough room between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Hopefully, we’ve all mastered the general idea of polite driving- no texting and driving, use proper headlights and use your blinker- but we think bringing these tips to your attention will increase your awareness and your safety. Be kind and share the road, we’re all just trying to get from point A to point B safely.

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