If you’re traveling this summer for vacation or to see family, we want to make sure you hit the road with your best foot forward. With all of the planning and packing that goes into a trip, it is easy to forget about preparing your car for the trip. To help you have the best road trip possible, we’ve compiled a list of pre-road trip tips.

Tips for Preparing Your Car for a Road Trip

1. Don’t forget to get a tune-up.

Car troubles can turn any vacation into a nightmare. Avoid the hassle by taking your car in for a tune-up before you leave. Bachman Chevrolet’s Service Center is staffed by certified and experienced technicians. We can get your Chevy in tip-top shape before your trip. Services we provide, include:

  • Oil Changes
  • Tire replacement and rotations
  • Brake repair
  • Battery replacement

Schedule a pre-vacation service today!

2. Get Connected for Your Trip

These days, everyone has a device for entertainment – even the two-year-old gets a tablet if it keeps them from screaming for hours. Make sure every device can stay connected during your road trip by equipping your car with WiFi. Pair up to 7 devices and revel in the quiet without using up all of your cellphone data.

3. Get Organized

It’s hard enough to pack your car, but to pack so that everything you need is in reach is a whole other degree of difficulty. Instead of fighting to find your sunglasses or having to stop to get the snacks out the trunk, organize your car before you go.

This seat back organizer may be meant to hold all of your kid’s stuff, but all of its pockets make it handy for organizing your own things. Use it to store your books, magazines, sunglasses, headphones – pretty much any small items that could easily get lost.

Getting a set of foldable cubes can also help you stay organized on your trip. They can be used to hold everything from snacks to kids’ toys.

Once your drive is over, the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning up the car. Buy a small trashcan to keep on the floor, this way trash can be collected as it’s made.

We hope these three road trip tips help you travel better this summer! If you’re in the market for a new Chevy before making a big trip this summer, check out our inventory of new and used Chevys or schedule a test drive today.