Tips for Car BuyingEven though women influence 84% of all vehicle purchase decisions, most dread the process of car shopping. Many women report feeling ignored, patronized or taken advantage of at car dealerships, and a recent study conducted by two economists in Chicago confirms those apprehensions.

The report tested a similar group of women and men armed with the same information when arriving at the car dealership. Higher prices were quoted to the test group of women than to the men, even though both groups were equipped with the same information and followed the same “script.”

Although experiences like this one may occur in some dealerships, Bachman Chevrolet believes in serving our customers fairly and equally. When shopping for any vehicle, there are certain ways buyers can equip themselves to make the car buying experience as smooth as possibleIf you have been thinking about buying a car but are intimidated by the process, here are some tips to help you build confidence and get the best deal possible.

Be Informed

For anyone beginning the car buying process, the first rule of thumb is, do your homework to ease the decision making process for you and your sales person.

Read reviews. Equip yourself with a basic idea of what type of car and features you would like. See what others have to say regarding functionality and satisfaction to get an idea of how the vehicle has performed for this non-biased audience of online reviewers.

Compare features. Once you have determined which features you would like, pull up different vehicle makes and models with these features and read how they compare in each model. Make a list of features you don’t like as well and compose a list of questions you can ask your sales person after all the research is done.

Decide on extras. Once you narrow down your choices, find out what features are extra on that model and make a decision on what features you want and don’t want. Fabric guard, security system, and an extended warranty are all options you may have when making a final decision. Decide which ones are worth spending extra money on.

Get Serious

Once you have narrowed down your selection, there are a couple of things you can do to let your sales person know you are serious about purchasing the car and will push the negotiation process further along.

Ask questions. When you have made a decision and just want the facts, the quickest solution to move toward negotiation is to ask questions of your sales person. Issues of color and cup holders are not significant, but finding out about vehicle reliability, warranty, fuel efficiency, and horsepower are important things to know before making a final and informed decision.


Once you have gotten all of the details out of the way and narrowed down special features and which model provides the most comfort and flexibility for your lifestyle, it’s time to negotiate. Try to discover the lowest price the dealer will accept. Here are some tips to help with negotiation:

Wait. Try not to reveal up front how much you can spend on a payment monthly or what your financial situation is.

Negotiate price, not payments. Avoid discussions of what you can afford to pay monthly for your car payment. This discussion should only take place after you have settled on the bottom line price of your new vehicle, not before.

Sit on it. Always take some time to think on the price if you are uncertain it will work. Make an offer and then sit tight. Sometimes, the longer a deal takes to finalize, the better the price you will secure.

Bachman Chevrolet has an informed and helpful staff that desires to “make a difference” in your car buying experience. Our sales team is friendly, not pushy, and will work with you make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. If you are ready to begin shopping for your next vehicle, click here and let Bachman Chevrolet help you select a vehicle that’s exactly what you are looking for.