We’ve recently shared with you the virtues of Chevy adding Wifi to their new models. You can see why we think that your kids are bound to enjoy road trips just a little bit more in this recent article or why business travel is made easier with in-car WiFi.

Since the article, we’ve gotten a lot of questions, surrounding the details of having WiFi in vehicles. Below, we’ve attempted to answer some of the questions.

How much does WiFi in vehicles cost?

Pricing is dependent on the users OnStar’s subscription service. The first two tiers receive a discount with a subscription to OnStar. The costs per month are:

  • 200 MB: $5 per month (OnStar subscribers); $10 per month (non-subscribers)
  • 1GB: $15 per month (OnStar subscribers); $20 per month (nonsubscribers)
  • 3GB: $30 per month
  • 5GB: $50 per month

How well does the WiFi work?

Drivers can connect up to seven devices in the car, however, the Wi-Fi will be slower the more devices that are connected. Although, some reports say that they didn’t see a very noticeable difference. Chevy also states that the built-in WiFi has a more powerful connection than a smartphone or mobile hotspot, but is only available in 3G and 4G LTE coverage areas. So, streaming music and movies are not a problem for the built-in WiFi.

The Cost of WiFi in your Chevy

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