U.S. businesses send employees on an estimated 1.3 million business trips each day, totally over $300 billion in expenses. And for good reason. Every dollar invested in business travel equals, on average, a $9.50 increase in revenue. The benefits are there for employees to hit the road for meetings, events, and networking. But are you making the most of your business travel? Chevy is making business travel more efficient than ever with 4G LTE In-Car Wi-Fi.

Work from the road using Chevy’s In-Car Wi-Fi

Working remotely is made easier with In-Car Wi-Fi. Now you can answer emails, prepare presentations, conduct research – do pretty much anything that requires an internet connection – while in the car.

Chevy offers In-Car Wi-Fi on 2017 vehicle models equipped with OnStar, making it an option for any travel situation. If you frequently make trips by yourself, the 2017 Chevy Volt and 2017 Chevy Cruze are perfect for traveling between cities and making quick stops to check email.

The 2017 Suburban and Tahoe comfortably seat seven, making them great for an entire team of employees to travel together. Chevy’s In-Car Wi-Fi allows you to connect up to seven devices, so all passengers would be able to work on the go. If you’re a business owner looking for the perfect company car, one of these Chevys can help you maximize the efficiency of your team while reaping the benefits associated with business travel.

Unlimited data, unlimited productivity

Chevy now offers unlimited data in their Wi-Fi equipped vehicles. Passengers can utilize the In-Car Wi-Fi without worrying about running out. This prepaid plan is only $20 a month and makes streaming work anywhere fast, reliable, and cost-effective. And when you’re ready for some fun or relaxation – because let’s be honest, you can’t always be working – Chevy’s In-Car Wi-Fi can stream movies, TV, and games without data limits.

No matter where the road takes you, or how many people are going, Chevy is dedicated to making business travel more productive.

If you’re ready to take your business on the go, or you’re even got a business trip coming up soon, schedule a test drive of a 2017 Wi-Fi equipped Chevy.

Chevy is making is easier for people to stay connected...even on business.