Chevy Silverado
America’s best full-sized truck also happens to be the best bargain, too.

The website Jalopnik recently ranked the best trucks under $40,000. They evaluated trucks based on the way people use them every day. What made the Silverado stand out over Ford and Ram was the ability to partner power and navigation.

The Silverado was the only extended cab 4WD pickup equipped with a V8 engine and navigation, and still be under budget enough to order the trailering package. That adds an automatically locking rear differential and takes the truck’s towing potential to 9,500 pounds;

none of the competitors could come close without sacrificing features or exceeding the $40,000 budget.

With a four-wheel drive base price starting at just over $30,000, the Silverado comes with the powerful V8 that gets up to 23 MPG and can tow up to 12,000 pounds. So, not only do you start off with a powerful truck, you still have the ability to equip it based on your needs and still drive off with a truck that’s as affordable as it is powerful.

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