corvette stingray

After earning one of the most coveted awards in the industry in 2014, the Corvette Stingray didn’t sit back and relax. Named the North American Car of the Year last year, Corvette triumphed with its design and engineering remarkability. And that remarkability soared to new heights when Chevrolet introduced its 2015 model with advanced technologies, race-proven bloodline, and supercharged engine. Known for its need for speed, the Corvette Stingray was engineered to elevate the driving experience to the next level. But with that high-level performance comes dedication to safety, a goal Chevrolet insists upon. Here is the safety philosophy Chevrolet has implemented into the design of the all-new Stingray.

Safety Philosophy of the Chevrolet Stingray Design


Prevention is emphasized in the Corvette Stingray through features such as Active Handling and 4-wheel antilock brakes to help you stay in control. To increase road visibility, Chevrolet has incorporated standard high-intensity discharge Xenon headlamps that shed 900 lumens of light onto the road to produce excellent visibility. If by chance Stingray would ever lose tire pressure, run-flat tires enable safe functioning for some distance at a moderate speed until the tire can be repaired.


In the event a collision should occur, Stingray is designed to help keep you and your passenger safe with seat-mounted head and thorax air bags, which are repositioned safety belt mounts, and a rigid aluminum frame structure that is 57% stiffer than the previous generation Corvette steel frame.


Built-in sensors automatically alert OnStar Advisors through OnStar Automatic Crash Response should your vehicle have an unexpected mishap. Immediate connection to an OnStar Advisor will help them assess your situation and request emergency help, to be sent to your GPS location, even if you are unable to respond. This feature is standard on your new vehicle for the first six months.

So, if throwing caution to the wind seems inevitable, think again. With the all-new Chevrolet Stingray, speed doesn’t have to trump safety.

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