Rex Clyatt is retiring

A good friend and employee of the Bachman team is retiring: Rex Clyatt. For those of you who don’t know, Rex Clyatt has been the Shop Foreman at Bachman Chevy for quite some time and has been a loyal employee for Bachman for more than 21 years!

Rex was the not only a terrific employee, but a great guy all around. He was known to be in the shop at 5am every morning, getting a head start on the day, and getting the coffee going. Rex made sure that everything was always running smoothly. He loves motorcycles and tinkering with cars . His passion with automobiles is clear as he had the highest GM rank available, the World Class Mechanic rank.

Last week, the Bachman Chevrolet Service Department threw a retirement party for Rex. As you can see, he is wearing his retirement hat proudly. We wish Rex all the best on his new chapter in life.