Chevy Volt
Just like beta users for websites and computer applications, the first owners of the Chevrolet Volt were able to provide the car maker with valuable feedback about the car. And starting soon, you’ll see how Chevy incorporated that input into the latest version of this plug-in hybrid.

For starters, the 2016 model offers a sleeker, more stylish look, but the changes aren’t just cosmetic. The battery pack offers more power with less weight, which allows for greater efficiency. It’s also not the only system that went on a diet, as the Volt’s electric dive unit is lighter, too.

The changes don’t stop there either.

General Motors Executive Vice President for Global Product Development Mark Reuss recently took the new Volt out for a spin. He test drove the car with Andrew Farah, the chief engineer for the Volt. You can find videos from that drive here and here.

The new model also comes with regenerative braking, which takes the kinetic energy and stores it for future use in the car’s electric battery. The Volt features an on-demand regenerative feature, allowing the driver to determine how much energy that want to recapture.

Also, Reuss noted that the noise from the tires hitting the road has been greatly reduced and the steering has been refined.

“It takes the car from what was a really good car to an excellent car,” he said.

The electric motor can handle drives of up to 50 miles, and Chevy expects owners to travel more than 1,000 miles between gas fill-ups on the new Volt, which will be available for sale later this year.

Previous versions of the Volt have been quick sellers at Bachman Chevrolet, and the 2016 models will definitely leave our lot quickly. Contact a Bachman sales rep today to learn more about the next generation of this dynamic car.