April 1, 2015 had a lot of surprises in store for many people. For Alan Leewe, Bachman Chevrolet’s long-time Service Consultant, this was the most notable April Fool’s Day yet.

During the Presidential tour in Louisville, Obama’s Secret Service required a minor vehicle repair. Calm, cool, collected, and with plenty of experience servicing local government vehicles—Alan told him to bring ‘er on in!

After about an hour, Alan and the team were able to repair the broken circuit wire and set the tour back on track.

“We are very fortunate to have good technicians,” Alan said. His motto is to do the very best you can no matter whose vehicle you are working on.

A few weeks later, the same agent returned to present Alan with a Certificate of Appreciation for his quick work and professionalism.

Since 1986, Alan Leewe has been a Service Consultant with Bachman Chevrolet. Every day he helps our loyal employees with any repairs they may need and sets them back on track. Alan is a vital part of our team and we are so grateful to have him.

If you need a vehicle repaired quickly to put you back on your way, contact us.