Car Seat
Bachman Chevrolet believes in keeping our customers safe, especially our small customers. So, in order to promote car seat safety and awareness, here are some basic instructions to assist you in properly installing a car seat in your Chevrolet vehicle. Before beginning your installation, here are three goals to achieve:

  • Be sure the car seat is nice and tight and that there is less than an inch of movement at the belt path.
  • When installing a forward facing car seat, be sure you have a tether strap that is secure.
  • Make sure your child is harnessed in correctly and the car straps are snug against the child’s body. The chest clip should hit your child at arm pit level right at the sternum.

A seatbelt may be used to install a car seat, but this type of system is generally only recommended for short distances or a temporary installation. For more permanent attachment, utilize the Universal Anchorage System that is attached to your car seat which utilizes the tether strap.

  1. Connect the two hooks on that tether strap to the anchors where the seatback and seat cushion meet.
  2. After securing the clips into the anchors, stand inside the car and use your body weight to push the car seat back toward the vehicle seat and down toward the floor while tightening the straps to secure them.
  3. Make sure car seat is tight and secure against the vehicle seat back, with no shifting or movement of the seat.
  4. If you are securing a forward facing car seat, check the tether strap to be sure it is securely tucked away.
  5. Open the lift gate or back of the vehicle and pull tether strap around seat back, pulling excess away from the seat and securing the strap out of the way securely so that it doesn’t fly forward on impact and injure children.

Each individual car seat comes with its own set of instructions, so make sure to follow the car seat’s guidelines along with the car seat instillation information in your Chevrolet’s Owner’s Manual. Chevrolet is committed to safety. For more information or to see a visual demonstration of how to properly install your child’s car seat, watch the Parachute YouTube video here. Parachute is a partner program of Chevrolet, dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives. To learn more about Parachute’s Safe and Sure car seat safety program, visit their website here.