The ‘valet mode’ on the Corvette Stingray was designed with the intention of security and peace-of-mind. Without the proper safety measures, valuables are accessible to anyone granted entry to your vehicle.

Using this feature gives you assurance that your property is well-guarded and safe from the reach of greedy hands. Accessing this special feature is simple, and within minutes your possessions will be securely tucked away.

Using Valet Mode in the Corvette Stingray

  1. Select the ‘settings’ button on the home screen allows you to access ‘valet mode’, which can be unlocked using a custom pin.
  2. After confirming your pin number, the glovebox and screen will lock, protecting your belongings.
  3. To open the screen and glovebox again, simply reenter your pin.

The next time you go to enter valet mode, you can use a new pin to increase security. This way, you are guaranteed that no one will know your pin number except for you. Check out the video below for a visual representation of this step-by-step process.

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