MyChevrolet App Bachman Louisville KY

Have you ever parked far away and sat down at a packed restaurant only to remember you forgot to lock your car? The MyChevrolet app allows you to do everything from locking your car from inside a store to remote starting it from the comfort of your home on freezing cold winter mornings. It’s easy to use and makes caring for your Chevy convenient.

When you open up the MyChevrolet app, it takes you to a home screen of nine different icons, each a specific app.

The first app is Roadside Assistance. It allows you to see where your car is on a map so you can give someone your exact location if you get in a car accident or your car breaks down on the side of the road. This app also includes a number you can call for help.

Parking Reminder is great for those who can never find their cars! It’s kind of like the Find my iPhone app, but for your Chevy. You can take a photo of your car’s location, jot a reminder note or use the GPS feature to help you find your car. You can set the meter time as well and have the app alert you before the parking meter time runs out.

Schedule Service allows you to schedule maintenance/service for your car by entering your preferred dealer, what car needs service, what kind of service is needed and when you need your car to be in and out.

Locate a Dealer allows you to use your current location, search by zip code, search by dealer name or set your preferred dealer so that you can contact your dealer quickly.

Current Offers allows you to look through all of Chevrolet’s current offers on service and maintenance so you never miss out on a good deal!

Owner Manual is a digital manual for your car where you can access everything in the manual while on the go. It also includes video tutorials to help you with your Chevy.

Lights & Indicators explains all of the lights that might pop up on your dashboard and tells you what they mean! This feature is a favorite.

The Profile & Settings allows you to tailor the app to you and your specific Chevy model.

OnStar Remote Link is the number one favorite of Chevy users. It allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle from anywhere, remote start it and check your tire pressure, fuel range and oil life.

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