Bachman Chevy

In this video, Bachman Chevrolet will show you how to pair your universal garage door opener with all Chevy models in 4 easy steps. This feature is a convenient way to get out the door or into your house quickly, perfect for families with small children or inclement weather.This method of programming your garage door will work across all Chevrolet models.

Connect your garage door opener to your Chevy:

  • Step 1: Hold down the first and third garage door buttons (located on the ceiling of the car above the center console) for 20 seconds, or until the interior lights of your car begin to flash.
  • Step 2: Once the ceiling lights begin to flash or you have held the two buttons for 20 seconds, choose the button you wish to program and hold it while simultaneously holding the open/close button on your garage door opener
  • Step 3: Next, exit your vehicle and press the learn button on your garage door opener. (You may need a ladder for this.)
  • Step 4: Reenter your vehicle and press the programmed button on your car for at least two seconds. (The lights on your garage door opener lights may flash at this time to indicate it is learning.) Generally the garage door opener will learn the paired button on the second press.

Watch the video below to see a visual step-by-step demonstration.

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How to Program Garage Door Opener in your Chevrolet