Pairing your iPhone Bluetooth with the 2013 Chevy Silverado, Suburban, and Tahoe is simple. Follow the basic steps below to pair the two together and begin using your iPhone hands free. You can also watch a video, created by the salespeople at Bachman Chevrolet, at the bottom of this blog.

To Pair Your iPhone With Your Chevy Silverado, Suburban, or Tahoe:

  • Push and hold the button on your steering wheel for Bluetooth (face and phone button)
  • Wait for the voice command “ready”
  • Respond “Bluetooth”
  • Voice command will respond with “to pair your Bluetooth device now say pair”
  • Respond with “pair”
  • Open iPhone and tap settings icon
  • Select “Bluetooth” and roll button to green
  • Look for the right connection on your iPhone under the selection, “Your Vehicle”
  • Select the “not paired” tab
  • Voice command will prompt you to enter the PIN# associated with your vehicle which is located where your odometer reading is on your dashboard
  • Select “pair” and then give a verbal name tag to your phone i.e. “Dan’s phone”
  • Voice command will verify that your name has been saved and that you have paired your iPhone with your vehicle’s Bluetooth setting
  • Voice command will verify returning to the main menu
  • Exit your iPhone and it is now ready to use

The vehicle will not recognize your contacts in your phone and you will not be able to voice dial somebody at this point simply because they are stored in your phone. However, these vehicles have an internal memory in which up to 30 different most used phone numbers can be stored as contacts.

Complete the Following Steps to Add Your Favorite iPhone Contacts to Your Chevy Vehicle Internal Memory:

  • After pressing and holding your vehicle’s Bluetooth button, follow the voice commands
  • On the ready command, state “store”
  • Voice command will then ask you to say the number you would like to store
  • Say the number
  • Voice command will prompt you for a name tag
  • Give a voiced contact name
  • Voice command will confirm that you are about to store the contact and will repeat the name tag and number back to you asking “does that sound right”
  • Confirm with a verbal, “yes” (if correct)
  • Voice command will confirm that the number is stored and is now returning to the main menu
  • You are now ready to use this contact through Bluetooth voice command

How to Operate Your Newly Added iPhone Contact Through Bluetooth

  • Press and hold the Bluetooth button on your steering wheel
  • Say “call”
  • Voice command will ask which contact you would like to call from your iPhone contact list
  • Say the name of a contact name that you have stored in your Chevy internal memory
  • Voice command will verify the number you are calling using your iPhone contacts
  • You will then be connected to that contact via Bluetooth, hands-free connection

Check Out Our YouTube Channel for More Videos

Watch the video below to see the process in action. Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel for more how-to videos.