Four Questions New Car Buyers Should ask before BuyingWhen shopping for a car, it’s easy to become mesmerized with the new technology, the pristine interior, and the prospect of becoming a new car owner. Because buying a new car is one of the most expensive financial decisions you will make, it’s best to have a list of questions prepared to ask your car salesman so that you are clear on the details before making a purchase. Here are five questions to ask at the dealership before you sign on the dotted line.

How Much is the Car After Fees and Licensing?

When purchasing a new car, oftentimes, the conversation centers around the monthly payments. Be sure to narrow down the exact price of the car, along with one-time fees and licensing costs. Sometimes additional costs can be added to monthly payments, making them difficult to notice. When you are clear on the price, you will be able to spot anything extra or unnecessary.

What Kind of Warranty is Offered?

Find out up front what is covered in the areas of maintenance and repairs. After buying a car, if you are responsible for most of the maintenance and repair work yourself, that could add additional expenses you didn’t expect. Get as much information on the warranty as you possibly can and find out what your responsibility is when something goes wrong. Securing a good vehicle warranty can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Is This the Best Price You Can Offer Me?

Asking this question lets your salesperson know when you are serious. When you are in the middle of a price negotiation, always have in mind a bottom line. When your salesperson knows exactly what budget you have to work with, it will give them more opportunity to help you find a wide variety of vehicles that match that number. Your salesperson is here to work for you and find you the best deal possible.

Can My Whole Family Come Along for the Test Drive?

This is an important step, especially if you have kids and car seats to contend with. You will be able to tell if there’s plenty of room for everyone and if the car seat is easy to maneuver. If you can’t see well out of the back with everyone in the car, or if your family doesn’t fit well inside or doesn’t like the feel of the vehicle, it’s best to find that out before you purchase the car. Be sure to test drive with the whole family in tow!

There are a lot of variables involved when purchasing a new car, but Bachman Chevrolet is here to make your car-buying process a relaxed and pleasant one. Our salespeople enjoy working with families and making each person who walks through our doors feel comfortable and respected. Meet our salespeople here, and when you’re ready to shop, we’ll be here to assist you in the process!