Sam Roberson
Sam Roberson is a champion. A champion for Bachman Chevrolet and its customers.

As a Sales and Leasing Consultant, every day Sam goes to work with the mindset of gratefulness and the goal to match Bachman’s customers with the best vehicle for them. Sam makes sure the customers’ needs are a top priority, whether they are ready to purchase a car on the spot or simply looking for information before buying.

“Nothing gives me more pleasure than enhancing the car buying experience,” Sam said. “It is a good feeling to come to work knowing that each day I am able to help so many different people with the second most important decision of their lives.”

Sam began his career in the car industry in the early 90s but left to begin his own home-improvement business. Returning to the industry after a severe accident, Sam believes he has finally found his place. His ultimate goal was to sell cars for five more years and go back to home improvement, but after developing a relationship with Bachman Chevrolet and its customers, he is here to stay. Sam celebrates his nine-year anniversary with Bachman this month.

Sam is a man of faith and was moved during the interview process at Bachman Chevrolet, when he passed a prayer box in the hallway. He said the Bachman family not only talk about the honor and integrity they instill in the business, but they also lead by example.

I was happy to learn that this was a Christian-run dealership. After meeting Mr. and Mrs. Bachman and their son Ryan, I knew I was in the right place,” Sam said.

Sam is a member of Christ Temple Christian Life Center and has a passion for missions to Kenya. His church sponsors more than a thousand impoverished children with housing and education each year. Monthly, Sam donates a portion of his commissions to the four children he personally sponsors in Kenya.

“This past year, our kids scored the highest grade in the testing given by the government of education in Kenya. All of the families that we support are the ones who can’t afford schooling,” Sam said. “Each year in October we have a walk-a-thon fundraiser and the employees of Bachman Chevrolet, including management, always give over and beyond what I ask for. I am blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family here at Bachman Chevrolet!”