Chevy Colorado
Happy travelers are the best travelers! How many times have you embarked on a road trip, packed down with everything you could possibly need (and a lot that you didn’t) and barely enough room to put the kids in the back. Well, traveling in a pick-up has finally changed.

The Chevrolet Colorado is the ultimate vehicle for the modern family. With plenty of space in the back seat for passengers and cargo, and plenty of luggage room in the bed of the truck, the Colorado is the best vehicle for families on the go. At Bachman Chevrolet, we like to prove our case, so we have put together a few hot points on why we believe the Colorado is one of the best. Check out our Colorado Content Offer to learn more.

Plenty of Power for Dad

We’ve already said how great it is for travel. But when you are hauling the kids, luggage and a boat or trailer, you need all the horsepower you can muster. Hopping on I-65 for a quick trip to the lake for the weekend will be a pinch to get some get-up-and-go in seconds!

The Chevrolet Colorado has a V6 engine with 305 horsepower at 6800 RPM. It gets 24 MPG on the highway and has a 7,000 lbs towing capacity, so feel free to load it down with all the essential for an epic road trip.

Mom at Her Command Station

All hands on deck kids! With the dashboard laid out like a well-oiled ship, Mom has the command center of the whole operation at her fingertips. She can multi-task with the large, interactive touchscreen to access OnStar navigation, so there is no need to beg dad to stop and ask directions. Families can rely on the accuracy of OnStar to get where they are going.

The Colorado is a piece of cake to operate for mom. There is an easy-lift tailgate for heavy loads so mom can hold her own with a pick-up truck. Forward collision capabilities ease mom’s mind with precious cargo on board.

Kids are Alright

In the Chevy Colorado, you won’t hear a peep from the kids. They have the ability to stay plugged in with USB ports for charging all of their devices and can access all the desired apps through the on-board WiFi, without blowing out the data plan. When the kids do get sleepy, there is plenty of room to stretch out in the back seat. Ahh, silence.

With the Chevy Colorado, road-tripping is finally convenient and much more enjoyable. Download the infographic today to learn more.