What comes to mind when you think of Chevrolet? Probably trucks. What comes to mind when you think of electric cars? Probably Tesla. Well, prepare yourself, because this is about to change!

Chevrolet’s 2017 Bolt EV easily compares to Tesla’s models. The Bolt EV takes electric vehicles to new heights with an impressive 238 miles of range and several different options for charging.

Gears shift seamlessly and with 266 pounds of torque available at 0 RPM, acceleration is immediate. With all the latest tech and design features, the 2017 Bolt EV has accumulated several awards including 2017 Motor Trends Car of the Year, 2017 North American Car Of The Year, 2017 Green Car Of The Year®, awarded by Green Car Journal, and the 2017 IIHS Top Safety Pick when equipped with optional Driver Confidence ll Package.

The 2017 Bolt EV has completely reinvented what an electric vehicle can be and we want to give you an in-depth look at this revolutionary vehicle from the inside out.

2017 Bolt EV Technology Features

Inside the vehicle, the most notable tech feature is the 10.2 inch multi-function color display, which has never been featured in a Chevrolet vehicle and displays the following:

  • PowerFlow: displays a diagram of the car to show its operating condition and highlights active components, which gives you a real time view of what happens during your daily commute.
  • Charging Information: displays charge status, time settings, and charge level settings based on the charger you use.
  • Energy History: stores information on how you drive for up to 50 miles and displays info on a bar graph to show the energy used as you drive.
  • Energy Details: breaks down the percentages of energy used for driving, climate settings, and battery condition. You can also see how much energy is going toward heating/cooling.
  • Energy Usage Score: calculates score based on driving techniques, terrain, and temperature (inside and out), which allows you to make adjustments to increase your score and range.

Everything about the Bolt optimizes its range. Regen On Demand puts energy back into your vehicle’s battery by allowing you to slow down without using the brake and converts that energy into electricity, which is transferred to the battery and adds miles to your range. While driving in Low mode you can slow down and gradually come to a complete stop by simply lifting your foot off the accelerator. By using your brake less with Regen On Demand and one pedal driving, you can increase the vehicle’s range.

The technology of this electric vehicle revolves around the battery, which is a 60 kilowatt, nickel-rich lithium-ion battery. The battery is heat resistant, which allows it to tolerate heat before using power to cool down. The active thermal management system helps maintain the battery’s temperature in extremely hot and cold weather conditions.

There is a display screen behind the steering wheel, which can show customized detailed information about the vehicle. Choose to see miles of range left, distance, speed, distance driven, and averages.

The Bolt EV console is compatible with Apple phones and supports Apple CarPlay to listen to Apple Music, get directions with Apple Maps, call friends, and more. It is also compatible with Android phones and can play music, display select apps, your calendar, playlists, and get directions with Google Maps.

Other notable tech features include:

  • Voice control GPS
  • 4G LTE in-vehicle WiFi
  • Wireless charging slot for compatible smartphones
  • OnStar RemoteLink mobile app – allows you to start the vehicle, lock and unlock doors, and more from your smartphone
  • Seven Bose premium audio speakers

An Electric Car Designed for Comfort and Performance

The Bolt EV is designed purposefully and functionally for everyday driving. If you are mindful and decidedly progressive, this car is built for you.

Astonishing looks and enhanced aerodynamics combine to give the 2017 Bolt EV a striking appearance. Because the battery does not require air for combustion, the enclosed, flat underbody streamlines airflow and improves the already excellent aerodynamics.

There are unique accents like chrome trim around the front and back windows, under the doors, and along the back bumper. Chrome trim is also featured inside the vehicle as well as a diamond pattern texture, which covers the dash and door panels.

Inside, the vehicle seats five comfortably with plenty of shoulder, head, and leg room. The front console features the wireless charging station and a sliding armrest with a massive storage bin underneath.

Wondering about cargo space? The back seats easily fold down and allow 56.6 cubic feet of flexible cargo space to carry larger items when necessary.

Never be worried about taking your Bolt EV long distances either. The My Chevrolet App tells you where Fast Chargers and level 2 chargers are located throughout the country so you can plan your road trip accordingly.

Safety Features of the 2017 Bolt EV

The vehicle is designed to keep you safe with a high-strength steel frame and 10 air bags throughout the vehicle. It can also be equipped with OnStar Automatic Crash Response.

While driving at low speeds, Surround Vision utilizes four strategically placed cameras that seamlessly merge to create a clear side-by-side image that is displayed on the 10.2 inch console screen. This helps you to see the area behind and around you.

If equipped with Lane Keep Assist, cameras can send an alert if you drift into another lane and gently nudge the steering wheel to correct the vehicle if you don’t take immediate action.

Rear cross traffic alert uses radar sensors to detect other vehicles approaching from either direction. It uses the rear vision camera to warn you of oncoming traffic and when it is clear.

Forward safety awareness alerts you to slowing vehicles in your path and alerts you if you are following a detected vehicle too closely.

2017 Bolt EV Models

There are two different models of the Bolt EV.

The LT Model comes with:

  • Electronic precision shift
  • Michelin self-sealing tires
  • Rear vision camera
  • 10.2-inch diagonal color touch-screen

The Premier Model comes with the LT features plus:

  • Rear Camera Mirror
  • Surround Vision
  • Leather-wrapped heated steering wheel

Bolt EV Charging Options

There are three different ways to charge your Bolt EV:

  1. 120-volt outlet: Bolt EV’s can be plugged into any 3 pronged outlet and can be fully charged overnight in such outlets.
  2. Level 2 charging: is a 240-volt/ 32-amp charging unit and is the fastest way to charge at home. Professional installation is required, but this associated Chevrolet accessory allows you to charge your Bolt EV up to five times faster than with traditional cord sets and is easy to use and can be used inside or outside.
  3. DC Fast Chargers: these are located throughout the country and are available for public use. DC Fast chargers provide 90 miles of range in 30 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions about the 2017 Bolt EV

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: The battery has an 8 year, 100,000 mile limited warranty

Q: How long does charging take?

A: It depends! When using a level 2 charge, the battery will gain 25 miles of range in one hour. When using the DC Fast Charger, the battery will gain 90 miles of range in 30 minutes. Just like you plug in your cellphone at night, you can plug in your Bolt EV overnight to a 3 pronged outlet and it will be fully charged with 238 miles of range by the morning.

Q: How far can the car go on a single charge?

A: When fully charged, the Bolt EV has an EPA estimated 238 miles of range.

Q: How much will it cost to charge?

A: It will cost an average of $50 a month. Remember to charge when utility rates are lowest, which is at night. The EPA label estimates gas powered vehicles guzzle up about $800 a year in gas, so by charging at night and driving all-electric, savings will add up big time.

Tips on driving your new Bolt EV

Certain driving behaviors and weather conditions can affect the range in your Bolt just as these factors can affect the fuel efficiency of gas vehicles.

Keep a lighter foot on the pedal. Utilize features like Hill Top Reserve when driving through hilly terrain. Precondition your Bolt to reach just the right temperature while it is plugged in. By doing so, energy to warm up or cool down the vehicle is taken from the energy source and not the battery. Gas vehicles don’t have this option, which wastes gas, money, and adds to pollution.

Not sold on a Bolt EV yet? Consider this: no oil changes or engine maintenance. This means fewer service trips and more money in your pocket. The only upkeep required for Bolt EV’s includes getting the tires rotated every 7,500 miles, replacing the cabin air filter every 22,500 miles, and getting brakes, fluid levels, and hoses checked periodically at your local Bolt EV Chevrolet service center.

As you can tell, Chevrolet has created a one-of-a-kind electric vehicle that can compete with the rest of them – electric and standard vehicles alike. Check out Bachman Chevrolet’s Bolt EV inventory and schedule a test drive today!