Denny SchneiderMost of Louisville shut down on February 16, 2015. After seven inches of snow pummeled the city overnight and arctic temperatures settled in over the area, many businesses closed operations for the day and workers dared not venture out, making Louisville a virtual ghost town. But Denny Schneider has never let a little bad weather keep him from heading to work. In fact, for nearly three decades, Denny has been making the 34 mile trek round trip to work at Bachman Chevrolet, where he has faithfully served as a body technician since the Bachmans opened their doors.

“I don’t know where the time went. It flew by. Doesn’t seem like 30 years,” Denny says of his time at Bachman.

It all began when the body shop that Denny owned had been bought as property for an airport expansion project. It had been in his family for years as one of several body shop locations owned by his father and passed on to Denny. But having the Highland Park property bought out and torn down was the beginning of a new era for Denny. He heard about a little dealership opening in the east end of Louisville and for the first time in his career, he went to work for somebody else.

“Denny was one of our very first employees,” says Steve Bachman. “He has been a dedicated, loyal, hard worker and a blessing to our company.”

What started out as a small 3-4 man shop has expanded to a 20-25 man crew in a “state-of-the-art” body shop, a place where Denny is proud to call home. “I have really enjoyed my 30 years. They’re really super people and they really take care of me,” Denny says of owners Steve and Teresa Bachman.

Whether Denny is cleaning up a bumper or repairing uni-body damage, he completes his job with dedication and is committed to excellence. Taking a crumpled vehicle and restoring it to perfection is a task Denny has always enjoyed because he loves to see the completed outcome. Denny says achieving that sleek, final product comes easier with the help of the supportive body team that’s in place at Bachman. “Everybody is willing to help everybody,” Denny explains.

When Denny is not busy transforming cars, he enjoys playing golf, and he and his wife like hanging out by their pool and watching their younger son play baseball for Bellarmine. Visiting their older son in Greenwood, Indiana and keeping track of their spunky Yorkie, Jeter, also keeps Denny busy in his free time.

But when Monday morning rolls around, there’s not much question where you will find Denny.

“I have no intentions of ever leaving. I would do another 30 years. It’s been a real good journey.”