Dan DaPonteDan DaPonte is grateful that Bachman Chevrolet Finance Director Steve Turner needed a dishwasher 17 years ago.

Although Dan wasn’t so crazy about his sales position in the appliance department, it was there that he met Steve, a Bachman employee, who suggested he call if he was interested in a better opportunity. It only took a few days for Dan to make that call and now, after 17 years with Bachman, he calls his position of Sales and Leasing Professional, “my favorite position ever.”

Although Dan’s stint at Bachman has been quite lengthy, being in car sales was never tops on his list.

“In my wildest dreams, I never thought I’d be a car salesperson,” Dan said.

As he was traveling the road 48 weeks of the year as a stand-up comic in his 20s and lending a sympathetic ear as a bartender to those drowning their sorrows in an alcoholic beverage, Dan never dreamed he would find solace on the sales floor of a car dealership. But he has. Not only does he enjoy being on the front lines, interacting constantly with car shopping customers, but he also thrives in the role of directing customers toward making a financial decision that is best suited for them.

“My number one job is to give good advice, to completely understand where our customers are coming from and to put them in the position that is best for them. My goal is to treat them with integrity and that example starts at the top,” Dan believes.

Dan credits his desire to nurture relationships, to care about the customer and creating a tremendous work atmosphere to the example that owners Steve and Teresa Bachman have set.

“Those two people have the most integrity of anyone I have ever worked for. It doesn’t hurt that Bachman is the number one Chevy dealer in the area, but because of their example, the son/sun is always shining at Bachman.”

Dan’s stellar customer relations and his competitive edge recently earned him the Charter Member spot in the Bachman Chevrolet 2k Sales Club. Dan is the first sales associate at Bachman to amass 2,000 total sales and, to his surprise, was honored with a trophy and a speech by Steve Bachman at last year’s company Christmas party.

“It’s easy to sell a customer one car. It’s more difficult to sell them two, three, four and even five cars, but if you maintain that personal relationship by doing little things and caring first of all about their best interest, they will keep coming back,” Dan says of his efforts to keep his customers happy.

In addition to continually building that personal relationship, Dan sends out personalized birthday cards and a quarterly newsletter to all of his clients. He also stays heavily involved in his neighborhood and with people in the community.

When he’s not concentrating on how to best serve the customers of Bachman Chevrolet, you can find Dan cheering on the Cincinnati Bengals or Ohio State. He also stays connected to his Germantown roots where he lives and hangs out a lot with his wife of 16 years.

Dan has some advice for car shoppers in the market for a new vehicle.

“Do your research and find someone you can trust to help you through the purchase,” Dan advises. The best thing about this advice is that Dan believes finding a trusted sales person is easy at Bachman because in an industry that is typically a “revolving door” of personalities, Bachman really does make a difference. It’s a theory he says, “trickles down from the top.”

“We treat our people better and we treat them with integrity.” It’s because of that philosophy that 2,000 satisfied customers are driving Bachman vehicles and Dan isn’t trying to pitch any more dishwasher speeches. It’s a philosophy Steve Bachman sees Dan carry out to their customers on a daily basis.

Bachman believes that, “Dan is a model employee and customers love him. He has great customer follow-up as well as excellent knowledge of the product. He is always upbeat and a joy to work with.”