2017 Corvette


You could win a lot of money from a scratch-off ticket, unfortunately, most people aren’t that lucky. But did you know that you can put your losing scratch-off lottery tickets in a second-chance sweepstakes? That’s exactly what Edward did when the top prize was a new Corvette Stingray.

How you can win with a losing scratch-off ticket

Edward purchased $10 scratch-off tickets in June of 2017 that didn’t win in the first round, but then he sent them in a second time for a chance to win a new Corvette. When he heard about this opportunity, he began to buy tickets with the hope that they would be loosing tickets so he would increase his chances of winning the Corvette.

Edward was at home when he received a call from a Louisville number that he did not recognize. Figuring it could be family, he answered the phone to hear the news that he had won the grand prize. Thinking it was a scam, he scoffed at the caller and asked “what, like $500?” only to hear he had indeed won a brand new Corvette Stingray. Still thinking it was a scam, he didn’t give them his personal information but insisted on coming to them. The address he received was the Kentucky Lottery Headquarters in Louisville on West Main Street.

Winning Scratch off Ticket

When Edward got to the office, he received his certificate to bring to his chosen Chevrolet dealer, and we are so excited that he chose Bachman Chevrolet. When he came to our office, he told the salesperson who greeted him, “I heard you all are giving away Corvettes today!” The salesperson said, “Nope, sorry you are just a little late. That was yesterday!” Laughing, Edward proudly presented them with his certificate from the lottery leaving the salesperson shocked to see that Edward was due a free Corvette.

Edward has owned several classic sports cars over the years but has never owned a Corvette. In fact, he has only ever sat in a Corvette two times before. Now he owns one. Part of the deal was that Edward got to choose whatever color he wanted. He chose a white Corvette with black stripes because he felt it showed off the car’s details the best.

2017 Corvette Corvette presentation at the Corvette Museum The Corvette Museum presentation

Why choose Bachman Chevrolet?

Since opening our doors on October 7th, 1985, we have maintained a successful family business for the last 25 years with the fourth generation of the family now entering the business. We are dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction and have perfected our customer service to put you and your needs first. Our inventory of new and used vehicles covers everything you might be looking for.

Edward won big by losing the lottery. You can always win big with Bachman Chevrolet since we are always running specials on our inventory throughout the year. Come see us today, and we’ll get you in the car of your dreams.