If you’ve been reading our blog, then you know we’ve been talking about the 4G LTE WiFi available in some Chevys. The technology is unique to Chevy and we’re here to help answer your questions.

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In this blog, we wanted to provide steps on how to connect your in-vehicle WiFi.

How to Connect Your In-Vehicle WiFi

1. On your console display, click Settings.

2. In the Settings navigation page, click on WiFi.

3. From this internal page, click on Manage WiFi Networks.

4. If you have already purchased or set up the WiFi through OnStar (see this blog for more information), you should see a HotSpot for your vehicle.

5. Click on your vehicle’s HotSpot.

6. On that vehicle’s WiFi HotSpot page, it will provide a default password.

7. Now, using your cell phone or another mobile device, go into your settings.

8. Go to your networks and WiFi section.

9. Here, the HotSpot WiFi comes up as an available network to join.

10. Click to join the HotSpot and enter the password that you found on your vehicle’s console earlier.  Be aware that it is case sensitive.

11. Now you are good to go! You can stream your favorite music or your passengers can hook in for entertainment.

Want to watch a video demo? View below!

For more videos on the Chevy 4G LTE WiFi and our various vehicle models, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Reach out to Bachman Chevrolet today to schedule a test drive of a WiFi enabled vehicle. Have other questions about your Chevy? Ask us in the comments below.