ChevroletAs the travel time of the Christmas season approaches, how comfortable will you travel? If you have images of pick up trucks that include a very bumpy ride and a bunch of people crowded in the back it may be time to reevaluate. If your vision includes uncomfortable seating, jostling over every dip in the road, and very little space for passengers, you don’t know the new Chevy pickup lines.

Chevy’s Silverado and Colorado do offer great power, performance, and durability. But this generation of pickup truck is made to not only be usable, but luxurious and accommodating as well. You won’t believe how smooth the driving experience is in either of these models — and how many presents you can pile into the bed of either of these pickups. Every modern convenience you’d like in your car is available or included with your new Chevy pickup.

Design and Luxury of a Chevy

Pickup lovers already know the excellent quality and craftsmanship that goes into each Chevy truck. The interior is available with an extended cab for plenty of roomy seating. The finest materials are used in the interior, making small or long distance journeys a pleasure. The cockpit is designed so that every amenity is at your fingertips. Because the trucks are made for moving large and heavy loads, today’s pickup can be the perfect vehicle to take on extended getaways or for family holiday parties where you’ll need to move a lot of presents to any location.

This truck works great for the blue collar day but it also cleans up well for the black tie affair. The masculine, robust lines are very attractive to the eye and the quality of the vehicle is evident in its appearance.

Technology and Performance of a Chevy

Fantastic performance might be something that you’d expect in a Chevy truck and you won’t be disappointed here. These pickups can handle any terrain, making winter storms much easier to manage. They are large vehicles but the handle well, making the drive fun and easy.

The newer Chevy lines are all about the technology. Chevy knows exactly how to keep its drivers connected to the people and things they love. Your Chevy pickup is available with Chevrolet MyLink, Apple Car Play, and Android Compatibility. 4G LTE Wi-Fi is also available to keep your family online. There are also a number of technological updates to improve safety, such as lane departure warning, forward collision alert, and a rearview camera.

If you’re looking for the perfect pickup truck to meet your daily needs but get you around in style, look no further than a Chevy. Contact Bachman Chevrolet to schedule an appointment with a sales representative and get a quote online.

Comfort and Joy Traveling in a Chevy