Bachman Chevy Colorado

Bachman Chevrolet has a knack for keeping our customers in the know with our informative and helpful YouTube videos. Today, Bachman Chevrolet will tell you everything you want to know about the Chevy Colorado, including the specs, body styles, and more. Visibly, the Chevy Colorado is sleeker and sportier with a fresh design.

The Chevy Colorado has an all-new design with a new chassis based on GM’s international pick-up. The Colorado suspension has been redesigned for America and is roughly two feet shorter than Silverado and significantly narrower and with newly designed front-end styling. Needless to say, there is a lot to the new Chevrolet Colorado.

Here are the main points you should know about the Chevy Colorado:

  • Two New Body Styles
  • Two Engine options, manual or automatic
  • Great fuel mileage
  • New Chassis Design
  • New Suspension

To learn more about the new features of the Chevy Colorado, watch the video below.

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