Chevy Bolt TeslaSince 2012, Tesla Motors has been the premier name in all electric vehicles. With their release of the all electric luxury sedan, the industry took some serious notice of this first of its kind offering. Since then, Tesla has dominated the market, with no other company releasing anything that competed with Tesla’s innovative design. That is, until now. The 2017 Chevy Bolt recently made its entrance as the first all electric model for the Chevrolet line. While the Bolt is a subcompact and not a luxury sedan, the comparisons were unavoidable.

Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3 – How Do They Compare?

Because both of these vehicles are all electric, drivers and car aficionados naturally seek to compare the two. If it wasn’t for the energy efficiency aspect, the two models probably wouldn’t be mentioned in the same discussion – Tesla’s Model 3 is a compact luxury sedan, while the Chevy Bolt is a subcompact car. They have very different looks and feels, with the Tesla model offering the classic lines of a luxury sedan and the Chevy Bolt featuring a hatchback and a good deal more interior and storage room than you might expect in the average subcompact.

Both the Tesla and Chevrolet models are all electric, which means drivers of these vehicles never need to worry over the stability of gas prices. They do differ slightly in EPA estimated miles per charge. A fully charged Tesla Model 3 is estimated to go 215 miles. The Chevy Bolt offers an estimated 238 miles per charge. The edge there belongs to the Chevy Bolt, though the few extra miles might not be the deciding factor for some drivers if they have a preference of body style. Another consideration is the pricing. The Tesla Model 3 starts at $35,000. The Chevy Bolt starts at $36,620. The edge goes to the Tesla on pricing and Chevy buyers may consider that price extravagant, though it’s actually fairly affordable for the availability of features and quality of the automobile.

If you’re considering an all-electric car, you might be concerned over the availability of charging stations. As electric cars evolve, these will likely become far more prevalent. Right now, Chevrolet and Tesla both offer a network of charging stations throughout the country to help accommodate their drivers. Chevy is also offering their drivers a charging station at their home which will be professionally installed and included in the price of the purchase.

If you’re thinking about upgrading to an all-electric car, the Chevy Bolt offers another choice in a brand new market. Ready to test drive or talk it out with our sales reps? Contact us today and check out our inventory here.

Chevy Bolt: Giving the Tesla a Run for Its Money