The all-new 2015 Chevrolet Trax is revolutionizing the scope of Chevrolet’s customer base. Since its release in mid-December, the Trax has risen to the no. 2 spot in market share in the small SUV segment. Due to the level of consumer interest, dealers are requesting three to five times the amount given to them in order to satisfy demand. One of the reasons is the appeal to a broad range of customers; in fact, 47 percent of Trax buyers are new to Chevrolet, 58 percent are women, and 19 percent are under the age of 35.

The Chevrolet director of marketing for cars and crossovers, Steve Majoros, gave some insight as to how the Trax has made such an impressive debut. “The Trax gives customers another choice in the Chevrolet portfolio between small cars and SUVs. It offers customers a well-equipped, entry-level SUV that was not an option before, and it is one more way we hope to earn customers for life.”

Michelle Krebs, an analyst for AutoTrader.com, discussed statistics regarding the small SUV segment. “The small utility segment has seen phenomenal growth in the U.S. and across the globe. AutoTrader saw a huge increase in shopping traffic for small utilities in 2014. Of all our shopping traffic, 46 percent looked at SUVs and CUVs in 2014, up from 36 percent in 2013.”

If the Trax continues along the path it has established for itself, sales should prove to be even stronger during the remainder of 2015.

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