Chevrolet Chassis-Cab

Work trucks don’t always have to be big. That’s why Chevrolet has unveiled a new version of the Colorado specifically for those who need a smaller vehicle that can still carry gear and supplies.

The Colorado chassis-cab package made its debut at the National Truck Equipment Association trade show earlier this month in Indianapolis. As the name implies, the package comes without a regular truck bed. This enables buyers to customize the two-wheel drive truck to their specific needs.

More importantly, Chevrolet is the only truck maker offering this type of mid-size truck in the market. It will be available for purchase in April.

The V-6 Colorado delivers 305 horsepower and can carry more than 2,000 pounds of payload, making it ideal for small businesses, utility companies, and parks/recreation agencies. The fuel mileage will vary based on how owners customize the back end. It also can be ordered with or without the rear seats, which will give owners even more space to store their gear.

With the bed gone, the chassis-cab package comes with temporary taillights, towing capability, and a locking differential. The base price is under $24,000.

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