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Recently, Chevrolet introduced the all-new electric vehicle. According to Engadget.com, the 2017 Bolt EV is a Tesla for the rest of us. Chevy is finally fulfilling its promise to offer an affordable electric vehicle for the masses.

The Bolt EV will go into production by the end of 2016 and will be available for purchase in 2017, but we aren’t quite sure when our customers will have the opportunity to get their hands on one.

“We are really looking forward to learning more about these vehicles and getting our customers in one as soon as they are available,” said Teresa Bachman.

The long-range electric vehicle will offer more than 200 miles of range on a full charge and can reach an 80% charge in an hour. It’s predicted that the new EV could be the jumpstart of a total adoption of electric vehicles, which comes down to two things: a range of more than 200 miles and a price that’s around $30,000.

Instead of pushing all this vehicle has to offer inside of a prebuilt shell, the Bolt EV is built upon its own architecture. But it’s not just the engine that’s impressive. Chevy has made a number of improvements to the infotainment system’s touchscreen, customization for individual drivers, navigation and gamification.


10.2’’ MyLink color touch-screen display: Customizable, widget-based “flip-board style” operation

Rear Camera Mirror: Rear-facing camera provides a wide-angle view of the environment behind the vehicle.

Surround Vision: Provides a bird’s-eye view of what’s around the Bolt EV for improved safety during low-speed driving and when parking.

All-New MyChevrolet Mobile App: Combines important owner and vehicle information and functions, such as:

  • Vehicle charge status
  • OnStar map service
  • Remote start
  • Cabin pre-conditioning
  • Owner’s manual information
  • Dealer service scheduling

EV Navigation Mapping: EV-specific navigation capability that designs routes to maximize range and provide locations of nearby charging station locations if needed.

Gamification: In the future, Bolt EV owners will be able to “compete” by comparing driving styles to determine who is driving most efficiently.

Stay tuned for more updates as we receive them. Rest assured, our customers will be the first drivers of the Chevy Bolt EV when these vehicles hit the Louisville market.

If you are in the market for a new Chevrolet, contact Bachman Chevrolet today to schedule an appointment with a sales representative and get a quote online. Have questions about your Chevy? Ask us in the comments below.

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“It was less than a year ago that we revealed the Bolt EV concept and promised to deliver a long-range electric vehicle attainable by the masses,” GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra said. “The Bolt EV is capable of using the latest mobile app technology to enable car sharing, advanced GPS routing and gamification, all designed to enhance the ownership experience now and into the future.”