Chevrolet Android AutoIt’s almost impossible to cruise down the Watterson Expressway and not see at least one person with a phone in hand and their eyes….not on the road. It’s scary. Thankfully, the good folks at Android have made Android Auto available in most Chevrolet models.

Android Auto works by projecting the Android apps onto the in-car display after the phone has been connected to the vehicle via USB. Since you would already have access to the Bluetooth system in your vehicle, your calls are handled via Bluetooth, which opens up the possibility to use mobile apps like Google Maps, Google Play Music, Google Now and other third-party offerings.

Put simply, Android Auto is an oversized, simplified interface that gives the driver quick and (mostly) distraction-free access to the phone, navigation and audio features. Android Auto features make living while driving a little less distracting.

Android Auto Features

Android Auto is equipped with a variety of conveniences to keep your drive as efficient as possible, including messaging apps such as Whats APP and Skype; music apps including Pandora, Spotify and Google Play Music; and audio apps ranging from Audible and NPR One to Stitcher.

Here are a few more features to utilize through Android Auto:

  • Navigation – With the recent destinations displayed from Google Maps, just tap one and you are hitting the road! You can also ask for directions by saying, “OK, Google” or by tapping the microphone.
  • Phone – You can pull all of your recent calls, favorites and voicemails from the Phone app, which is oversized for easy tapping.
  • Audio – By tapping the headphone icon, you can access the most recently used audio app, such as Audible and NPR One.

To see the interfaced up close and personal, check out our quick overview video. Interested in driving a new Chevy off the lot? Contact our sales reps here!