Jesus Film Project
The Purpose Driven Life author Rick Warren called it, “The most effective evangelistic tool ever invented.” Seen by hundreds of thousands daily, a decision to follow Christ is reported every eight seconds as a result of viewing the “Jesus” film. That’s 3.8 million people each year, or a population the size of Pittsburgh coming to Christ every month. Yet, many have never heard of it.

Since 1979, missionaries and evangelists have been using the “Jesus” film worldwide. In addition, hundreds of partners in ministry have also utilized this great film based on Jesus’ life through the gospel of Luke. It’s now translated now into more than 1,200 languages and, as a result, more than 200 million decisions have been made to follow Jesus by the body of Christ worldwide.

Not only has the “Jesus” film has been successfully used as an evangelism tool throughout the world, it has also worked as a tool to expand churches and ignite the launch and growth of thousands of new churches. This message is being used in a powerful way to lead people to Jesus.

Although the impact of the “Jesus” film has been significant, there are still millions who haven’t heard this good news. Bachman Chevrolet is proud to partner with the “Jesus” film and bring God’s light into the darkness. If you would like more information on how you can help promote this powerful message, learn more here on how you can get involved.