Car care tips during freezing weatherDuring these frigid winter months, our vehicles are on the front lines braving the elements of icy roads, snowy traveling conditions and ongoing freezing temperatures. In order to ensure optimal operation of your vehicle, there are several things you can do to provide a little TLC and help prepare it to endure the remaining frosty months of winter.

Winter Wipers

Wiper blades have a lifespan of about one year. If your wipers are creeping up in age, change them out in anticipation of harsh weather. Consider switching during winter months to the newer, “beam blade” style wipers which don’t have an external spring that freezes up. Be sure to turn off the wipers each time you park your vehicle so that the next time you turn the car on, the wiper motor is not fighting to move frozen wipers.

Battery Charge

Winter puts additional stress on your car battery, especially if you park outdoors without a surrounding shelter. To avoid the dreaded clicking sound when you start your car, have your battery and charging system checked at a service center.

Tire Pressure

Tires lose pound pressure for every 10 degrees the temperature drops. Underinflated tires won’t dig through the snow as well as those inflated to capacity. Be sure to also check the tire caps on your tires. Be sure they are intact and not lose. Moisture can leak in through lose valve caps, which then freezes and could let the valve core leak out air.

Survival Kit

In case frigid weather or hazardous road conditions cause you to become stranded, it is important to have a survival kit tucked away in reach of the driver to keep you warm and safe. Be sure to include water, first aid kit, road salt, blanket, water and emergency flares. For a complete list, check here to see what else to include.

Wax Your Lights

This may sound like a mistake, but it isn’t. When visibility counts in those blizzard-like conditions, getting the most from your headlamps is crucial to improving your safety. Be sure, first, that they are free from debris. Then, rub car wax on the headlamps. Let it dry and then buff it out. The slippery surface you leave behind on these lights makes it less likely an icy coating will build up when sleet and snow begins freezing on your car.

Just remember, your vehicle takes a beating during these harsh winter months. If you would like to have your car properly winterized and thoroughly checked by a professional, you can schedule an appointment with Bachman Chevrolet’s Service Center. We will take care of all of your vehicle winter care needs.