Praised as the “cream of the crop” by Motor Trend’s Editor-in-Chief Edward Loh, the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 captured Motor Trend’s Best Driver’s Car of 2014 at the annual competition in Los Angeles.

What started as a “best handling car” competition has now evolved and been refined into more of a handling competition for only the fastest and most powerful sports cars. The competition narrows the field of competitors and gets them “down to their essence,” Loh says. He admits that the competition is not all about the fastest lap time or the biggest amount of power, but cars with those assets have a good chance to win.

And that’s exactly what the Z28 did. In an incredibly strong field, with its amazing transmission, awesome V8 and massive tires, the Camaro stole the honors and won the respect of many as they took it for a spin and experienced first-hand the allure and the power of this phenomenal vehicle.

Loh says the Camaro won the title by “Getting the fundamentals correct and having the right combination of elements.”

One additional element Chevy is getting right is the tremendous value proposition it delivers.

“For the amount of power and grip it delivers, it’s kind of unbeatable at that price range,” Loh claims.

Because of its tremendous showing and its obvious superior performance, Loh says the Z28 package “Says volumes about where American car manufacturing is and where Chevy is in particular. This is the real deal.”

Watch the video below for the full story of Z28’s Motor Trend’s Best Driver’s Car.