HosparusWhen the final days of life are in the midst and regular medical treatment is no longer successful, families turn to Hosparus. The goal of Hosparus is to keep patients’ pain and suffering to a minimum, when all options for treatment have been exhausted. Hosparus works with families to accept comfort, dignity, pain relief, and privacy that becomes a primary concern toward the final months of life.

In the midst of providing those services, Hosparus has touched many lives, whether it be the life of a patient, the family members of that patient, or the friends and acquaintances of the patient who are able to visit and observe the calm, comfortable environment Hosparus made possible.

Many of the members of the River Cities Corvette Club have been one of those people. They have either been a recipient of Hosparus services or have observed the immense amount of care Hosparus poured into a patient, creating a special bond with each one. Because they believe in these services, they have adopted the organization and have chosen to support it with the proceeds of their yearly car show, jointly held and sponsored by Bachman Chevrolet. In fact, 100% of the proceeds collected from that annual show go directly to Hosparus. To date, the River Cities Corvette Club has raised more than $127,000 to benefit Hosparus.

Bachman Chevrolet owner Teresa Bachman says that Bachman has chosen to support Hosparus, not only because River Cities Corvette Club’s involvement with them, but also because they have witnessed many personal experiences in the lives of people around them they have seen “how wonderful and helpful they are.”

River Cities Corvette Club President Charlie Simpson echoes that belief.

“It’s such a worthwhile organization and we are glad to support them.”

If you would like to learn more about the work Hosparus is doing for patients and families, visit their website.