Bachman General ManagerChanging young lives forever and having fun in the process. That’s the goal of FCA Motocross and FCA Offroad where young campers come together and hit the trails for some fierce competition and a deepening of their walk with God.

Since 1954, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) has been putting that same challenge out there. By using the powerful tool of athletics, coaches, and athletes, high school and college students are motivated to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA is the largest Christian sports organization in the world and continues to pursue its focus of equipping, empowering, and encouraging people to make a difference… one heart at a time.

Reaching the hearts of kids and participating in the transformational change in their lives is the main reason Bachman Auto Group General Manager Randy Hutchings keeps coming back. In fact, he’s been a part of the motocross and offroad community for more than 30 years. Through his involvement in this community he has acquired many new relationships and fostered his love of riding. Through Motocross camps and competitions, FCA campers will form bonds, and some of those same bonds and relationships will impact their spiritual growth and personal relationship with the Lord for an eternity.

“I have a passion for this ministry because I’ve seen first-hand how young lives are changed forever. Most of these young campers form bonds that will likely last a lifetime. We are now seeing the second generation taking leadership roles in the ministry,” Hutchings said.

Many motocross campers that started their involvement with the FCA camp are now transitioning into leadership roles in the ministry. Hutchings’ own son, Ryan, came to the FCA Offroad camp for many years as a camper, but this year came back and served as a huddle leader. But the involvement doesn’t stop on the camp track. Additional riding teams have formed around these camps that meet on a regular basis throughout the year and give kids the opportunity to be mentored by huddle leaders and older kids who are also involved in Motocross. Multiple Bible studies have sprouted up around this ministry, which has been instrumental in keeping adult leaders connected to the ministry all year long.

Bachman Auto Group has supported FCA and been personally involved with its mission for more than 30 years. Our support of this ministry has enabled employees to jump in and serve young people sacrificially. Through this dedication and service, huge growth has occurred in the motocross community, resulting in many hearts surrendering to the will of God by the end of camp. Thirteen camps currently exist throughout the country with 60-80 campers in each location.

Two FCA motocross camps wrapped up in July with a full slate of eager campers burning up the dirt paths and opening their hearts to hear from the Lord. Many campers perfected their riding skills and many more were impacted by a greater discipline, walking out their faith. FCA Offroad camp had 43 campers and seven baptisms. Five additional campers recommitted their lives to serve Jesus. FCA MX camp had 56 campers with 30 making a decision to follow the Lord and eight baptisms.

Bachman is proud to support the mission of FCA and ministering to young people through sports. For more information on our local FCA, visit their website. Next time you’re in, stop by and talk to Randy about motocross and mountain biking, he may just take you for a test drive… offroad