BachmanWorkTruckSiteAs spring draws near, it will soon be time for landscaping, painting, and other home improvement work. It will be a busy time for contractors who rely on trucks and vans to transport their equipment from site to site.

If you’re in the market for a new work truck or van, check out the Bachman Chevrolet Work Truck Solution site

Bachman makes it easy to find your next vehicle by allowing you to search by:

  • Model (including heavy-duty Express and Silverado models)
  • Cab (such as regular, crew or the roomy double)
  • Two- or four-wheel drive
  • Fuel type 

This site also allows you to choose body types, such as cutaway, dump bed, service body, or even stripped chassis. After you make your selections, the site will tell you what vehicles are at the dealership and ready to purchase. You also can check out pictures and find out pricing information.

Visit our work truck solution site if your business is in the market for new or used commercial work trucks. As always, we invite you to contact us online with any specific commercial truck questions you have.