Used CarsBuying a used car can be an excellent choice. It’s often far less expensive and the quality can be exceptionally high. Many parents will buy used for their child’s first car. Young drivers are bound to make mistakes and a used car offers them the chance to learn to do the maintenance and care required before investing in a brand new vehicle. 

A great used car can last a long time and be well worth the investment. But it also means that you’re not necessarily getting the full warranties and other reassurances you would with a new car. And you have no control over how well maintained the car was by the previous owner. So many used car buyers are concerned about the quality of the purchase – more so than they would be for a brand new car.

Top Concerns for Used Car Buyers

All car buyers should research the vehicle they’re investing in, but it’s even more important for used car buyers. You do need to research the different makes and models to really assess their lifespan and dependability, especially if you’re going with an older model that’s outlived the warranties. Here are some concerns you’ll want to address.

  • Make / Model. You want to research the make and model of the vehicle and see if there are any outstanding problems associated with this type of car. Some models may have issues that you should be aware of, such as a set time frame when parts may need to be replaced. That knowledge will help you budget for future repairs and have a good assessment of the lifespan.
  • Mileage. Mileage is an important feature to consider on a used car. A very low mileage can be an excellent purchase, though higher mileage can still be worth the investment if you’ve researched the type of car.
  • Prior Issues. Any used car should be researched for prior damages, accidents, etc. This can impact the price of the car and will often give you a good indication of how dependable the car will be in the future.
  • Immediate Repairs. No one wants to buy a lemon. When you’re buying a used car, as is, the fear is that you’ll drive off the lot and wind up with some major repair bill in the near future. While some things can’t be avoided, you can protect your investment by buying from a reputable dealership and/or having a professional assess the car before you purchase it.
  • Check for Warranties. Depending on the age of the car, there may still be factory warranties in place and you may have options for purchasing extended warranties.

The Process of Used Car Buying at Bachman Chevrolet

  • We will check your vehicle’s mileage and age
    Mileage over average for the market may affect your vehicle’s value.
  • Interior and exterior condition will be inspected
    Excessive wear may affect vehicle value.
  • Vehicle body will be inspected carefully
    If your vehicle has been in a collision, your vehicle value will be affected. Any vehicles with frame damage will not be sold at Bachman, but can be sold wholesale at a dealer-only auction.
  • Highest dollar amount will be determined
    Our used car experts will research published value books and online auction reports to determine the highest amount we can offer you.
  • Written cash offer on the way
    After all research and inspections are done, we will make you a written cash offer that requires no cash holds and no chance of fraud. Our written offer is good for five days.

Bachman Auto Group Can Help You Choose the Right Used Car

We want to help you get the best vehicle for your family. With Bachman’s inventory, our sales representatives are confident the perfect vehicle for you sits right on our lot. At any given time, Bachman Auto Group carries around 350 used cars in inventory, so there are plenty of options from makes and models to how well-loved you wish your new vehicle to be.

All of our vehicles come with a free CARFAX vehicle history report so you know as much of your car’s history as possible before driving your new ride off the lot. Most of our used vehicles come with a Bachman 30-day limited warranty to provide peace of mind, plus we offer extended warranties in case you want to extend your coverage. We strive to make sure that open recalls are performed prior to sale, so you don’t have to worry about any open issues.

Purchasing a used car can be an excellent option because it is far more cost effective. In cases where the previous owner was very good with maintenance, you may be able to buy a much higher quality used car than you would be able to afford in a new car. The most important aspect of purchasing a used car is in finding a reputable sales person who you can trust.

At Bachman Chevrolet, our team is devoted to putting you in the best car for you and your family. Check out our used inventory today.