Apple Carplay
Chevrolet has a big announcement! New specific Chevrolet models will feature Apple Carplay in 2016. The upcoming generation of these models and Apple Carplay will allow the driver to operate the vehicle and iPhone simultaneously, limiting distractions.

This means no hassle in familiarizing yourself with yet another user platform. Apple Carplay will reflect your iPhone on the vehicle’s user interface. It will appear precisely as it does on your phone, so you can text, answer calls, and stream music without taking your eyes off the road. Drivers will be able to operate the Apple Carplay connection through Siri, touch screen, or physical buttons, depending on the vehicle’s model.

Apple will soon release a wider range of applications, not to mention the apps developed by the automakers themselves. Currently, Apple offers apps, such as Podcasts, Beats Music, iHeartRadio, Spotify, CBS Radio, and You can view the full list here. Apple Carplay is compatible with iPhone5 and later.

Previously, Chevy has used MyLink for the in-car touch screen technology system. Apple Carplay is centered around the idea that the “smart” car should be driven by our external devices because they are updated regularly, instead of driving a car as the passive conduit. Because the system integrates your iPhone apps with your car’s digital systems, it allows you to control the vehicle and your device more easily. And for all the Android users out there, Android Auto has a similar version coming out as well.

Watch a video of how Carplay will work below, and contact us at Bachman Chevrolet for questions about this new feature.