Prison FellowshipThis Christmas season, nearly 2.7 million children will spend the holidays without their parents because they are incarcerated.

Through the Prison Fellowship Angel Tree program, prisoners and their children are introduced to Jesus through the delivery of a Christmas gift and the message of the Gospel on behalf of the incarcerated parent. The simple joys of Christmas are provided nationwide to thousands of children whose parents aren’t able to be there for the holidays. This year, Angel Tree is attempting to bless more than 425,000 children with the help of generous friends and churches.

The Angel Tree process generally begins when a church member registers their church for the program, but names can also be taken from Angel Trees throughout the community. Once the church is registered, the process looks like this.

  • Receive Angel Tree Names: Sometime in the fall, Angel Tree coordinators will receive the names of children who were signed-up by their mom or dad in prison.
  • Display Angel Tree Name Tags: Name tags of these children and gift suggestions are displayed in your church.
  • Angel Tree Announcement: Church members need to be notified of the program —bulletin, pulpit announcement, bulletin board, etc.—and invited to select names from the Angel Tree display.
  • Gift purchase and delivery: Church members purchase, wrap, and deliver a gift for each child on behalf of his or her incarcerated parent—and in the process, share the Gospel.

Costs per child are approximately $20 minimum for a new gift. When you receive your child’s name, The Angel Tree will include a suggestion for a toy that the prisoner-parent picked out using its gift guide. You will then confirm with the child’s caregiver that this would be a good gift. You may then wrap the gift and deliver it to the child on behalf of their incarcerated parent.Through donations and financial commitments, Angel Tree continues to provide for these children throughout the year with the gift of summer camp and discipleship and mentoring programs.

Bachman Chevrolet and many of its individual employees support the Angel Tree program. For more information on how you can help or get involved, click here to learn more about this Bachman-supported charity.


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