Corvette series

Chevrolet is the top of its class for a plethora of reasons. Two of which are innovative technology and safety. In the new 2016 Corvette Series, Chevy astounds consumers with the Magnetic Ride Control feature.


It’s the world’s fastest reacting suspension that was originally invented by Cadillac. Chevy is applying it to its 2016 Corvette Series in order to bring the best features for the best ride for the driver.

The Magnetic Ride Control technology uses a revolutionary fluid infused with magnetized particles that respond to different driving conditions and speeds. It’s so precise that it responds and reacts to each corner or bump in the road and automatically adjusts. This means you get the ultimate support and safety for your car while keeping the ride quality you know and love from Chevy. For a visual of this explanation, see the video here.


The Magnetic Selective Ride Control works as traction control for the racetrack and road. With Magnetic Ride Control — the world’s fastest reacting damping system — the 2016 Corvette Series has the agility of a race car and the refined ride of a luxury car. This system offers three selectable modes: Tour, Sport, and Performance.

Tour Mode for normal city and highway driving.

Sport Mode for road conditions that demand more control.

Track Mode for the most challenging handling conditions, such as a road course.

As you can see, the new 2016 Corvette Series uses the best technology like Magnetic Ride Control for the driver to have a smooth and safe ride. For more information about these dynamic cars, check out the 2016 Corvette Series here. If you want to take a test drive or talk to a representative, contact us today.